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Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle 2020

The CMU Chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi is hosting a raffle for the new Apple Homepod Mini ($99) and a projector (around $100)! We will randomly draw one winner for each prize, so you have DOUBLE the chance of winning if you enter both!

One entry is $5, three entries are $13. Please fill out the following form + complete your payment to enter! We can ship it or bring it to where you are, so don't feel restricted by where you live.


This raffle will close on Tuesday, November 10. The winner will be announced the next day!

This is a philanthropy event, and all proceeds will go to the aKDPhi International Fund, the nonprofit arm of our sorority that donates to a variety of charities including those dedicated to breast cancer awareness.

If you are interested in the cause and donating even further, you can visit the following link:

To educate yourself more on breast cancer and join the cause, here are some resources:

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